The Year Gift Planning History Arrived

Events in the past year have left me humbled, and dedicated to nurturing a deeper awareness of our history as charitable gift planners.

In 2019 I presented to gift planning groups in Chicago, Denver, Louisville, Nashville, New York, and Washington DC. I produced a webinar entitled A Celebration of Princeton: A Given Place on how bequests, trusts, and gift annuities have shaped my alma mater. Articles I wrote were published in Taxwise Giving, Planned Giving Today, and the Planned Giving Design Center. I launched a new website at, and my historical posts on LinkedIn attracted as many as 3,700 views.

I am most grateful that the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York honored me last fall with a Cloughy Award for Distinguished Service.

Looking ahead to 2020, in April I will give a major presentation entitled The History of ACGA is the History of Gift Planning in America at the American Council on Gift Annuities conference in Atlanta.  In May I will present at the Planned Giving Group of Connecticut.

Please add me to your program schedule in 2020, I love speaking about our history and do not charge an honorarium.

Every morning (pretty much) I do research, write, and/or create presentations.  That will continue as long as I am able. In February I will relocate from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights. This photo was taken from the Promenade just a few steps from my new home.

I look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Ron Brown

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