Praise for America is a Given Place: A Digital Webinar

After watching my webinar for the Planned Giving Group of Connecticut on 11/12/20, Conrad Teitell wrote:  “Friends at PGGCT, if not for Ron Brown, this history would be lost forever. I hope you’ll archive his important talk and play it at least once a year.”  Conrad Teitell, Chairman, National Charitable Planning Group, Cummings & Lockwood; NACGP Hall of Fame

“This presentation brings a new perspective that can really help planners to understand their work and their field at a new level. It is a great opportunity for planners to learn so much so quickly!”   Russell N. James III, Professor & CH Foundation Chair in Personal Financial Planning and Director of Graduate Studies in Charitable Planning, Texas Tech University

“Ron Brown is the leading authority on where planned giving fits in with respect to philanthropy in America. What you’ll learn from his recounting of history is that legacy gifts have transformed institutions for longer than you’d imagine, and the profession has morphed many times over the centuries. Using no tax or math tricks, Ron will make you a better seeker of bequests when you understand the context of this kind of fundraising and hear stories about people who have come before us.”   Gary Pforzheimer, President, PG Calc

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to this new digital webinar.  As charitable gift planning continues to mature and evolve as a profession, I think it becomes ever more important that we gift planners have an understanding of the rich and complex history of this noble field and how we arrived at the present day. 

No one is better qualified to relate all this than Ron Brown.  Ron has spent many years researching the historic foundation of gift planning in America and brings his own extensive experience  as a leader in the field (dating from the 1980s), along with his background as a professional historian.  His webinar America is a Given Place offers a comprehensive and expertly structured history of gift planning.  In truth, I think anyone who is interested in gift planning — whether they are exploring entry into the field or have many decades of experience – will learn and benefit from viewing this excellent production.”    Chris Yates, former Chair of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners

“I watched the preview and am excited about the presentation! As a lifelong learner and as someone dedicated to the art and science of planned giving, this webinar is a tremendous gift to all fundraising professionals that truly want to understand and excel in their craft. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to compile and share this information so that today’s and tomorrow’s gift planners can benefit and carry the torch for this profession for years to come.”   Nathan Stelter, President, The Stelter Company 

“My friend and colleague Ron Brown’s webinar America is a Given Place is rich in the historic importance of gift planning and presents the foundation to understand gift planning’s role in American philanthropy today. I’d highly recommend it as a presentation for your gift planning council or for your office.”   Margaret Holman, President of Holman Consulting

“What a wonderful resource and a smart way to get the message out! Ron’s informative webinar will help gift planning councils stay relevant and make their members more effective gift planners.”   Scott Lumpkin, Former Vice Chancellor of Advancement – University of Denver and NACGP board

“I think this is a great program, and, having seen versions of this ‘in the flesh’ before, I know Ron does a fabulous job with the topic. I don’t know anyone who knows this subject better.”   Dr. Bruce Bigelow, Senior Partner at Charitable Development Consulting and past Chair, National Association of Charitable Gift Planners 

“With wit and wisdom, Ron Brown’s presentation illuminates our field of gift planning with historical context. Ron combines the skills of gift planner and historian masterfully to demonstrate the beauty and resilience of the gifts we craft today.”   Rozlyn Anderson Flood, Philanthropic Advisor, Princeton University and NACGP Board

“I really enjoyed this webinar! Over the years Ron has shared snippets in presentations–NACGP Master’s Forum and at conferences. Viewers will find this presentation interesting as he walks through history–both far and near–and ties the various pieces together into a coherent webinar. Ron is a Gift Planning and history master. A must-see for anyone with an interest in how Gift Planning evolved and its relevance today.”   Alexandra Pia Brovey, Author and Charitable Gift Planner

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