CGP Helps Planners Know Their History

Where do charitable gift planners, fund raisers, trust officers, attorneys and financial advisors turn for knowledge of events that shape their work today? The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (CGP) has made resources available at no charge.

In its Council Connections sent on July 24, CGP encouraged gift planning councils to show a free digital webinar at their meetings and conferences:

Free Webinar Opportunity

“CGP adds a new and unique webinar offering for councils. Planned giving historian Ron Brown has created a new webinar, America is a Given Place, and is providing presentations free of charge to interested councils.”

To read Council Connections see:

For more about America is a Given Place see:

And on its website, CGP has added a substantial new historical narrative entitled “Charitable Gift Planning in America”:  

Knowledge of history is the soundest foundation for planning for the future. Many thanks to Kent Weimer, CGP Board Chair and Michael Kenyon, CGP President and CEO, for helping gift planners learn how American gift planning arrived at where we are today.

More about America is a Given Place:

Brief preview clip:

Practical benefits from watching:

Praise for the webinar:

Ron Brown’s speaker bio and promotional piece for your website:

Summary outline of webinar topics:

Selected sources:

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