True Stories: Charitable Gift Planning from the Pilgrims to Tomorrow’s Gifts

Charitable bequests were a financial lifeline for The Pennsylvania Hospital, founded in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond of Philadelphia.

A presentation for the Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia                  (March 27, 2020)

Few people have heard the story of gift planning quite this way.  See planned gifts by a Mayflower Pilgrim, President George Washington, and the founders of The Pennsylvania Hospital; understand why most states and the U.S. Supreme Court once found charitable trusts to be illegal, and why they changed their minds; how John Trumbull’s paintings of the War for American Independence were saved through a gift annuity; why best practices from the 1920s remain core values of gift planning; why Tax Reform Acts in 1969 and 1986 led to a national association of charitable gift planners; and how rapidly-changing demographics of wealth and age will shape American gift planning for decades to come.

Participants will understand the foundational gifts, best practices, legislation, and court decisions that shape gift planning today; unlock a treasure chest of useful, illuminating, and entertaining donor stories; and gain a powerful perspective on the roots of current events in gift planning.

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