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Three events are part of every gift planner’s DNA: 1. The contracts drafted by Peter Augustus Jay in 1831 set the pattern for all subsequent American gift annuities; 2. The financial benefits of charitable trusts and annuities are measured by an “actuarially ascertainable value,” thanks to George Huggins’ presentation at a Conference on Annuities in 1927; 3. Congress aimed to reform un-American uses of charitable trusts and foundations through the Tax Reform Act of 1969, changing the fundamental tools of gift planning.
Don’t miss the chance to learn about the founding events of American gift planning!  If you come to the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP) in Orlando, please attend my Summit Track session.  See link below for the outline, to be accompanied with colorful illustrations and illuminating audience discussion.  NCPP registration information is at:  Write to me at if you have questions or comments, or want to bring this presentation to your home town!
 Download: Where Gift Planners Come From 


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