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The Kirkus Review says A History of Charitable Gift Planning “delivers a succinct helping of historical illumination.” The review says readers will find “intriguing insights … many details are extremely telling.” Examples of aggressive gift annuity marketing in the 1920s are “likely to come as a revelation.” “Aside from the obvious takeaway of learning about charitable gift planning, the volume provides a further understanding of various periods and how beliefs from those eras have helped shape the present day.” See the full review at

Conrad Teitell, who first presented at the Conference on Gift Annuities in 1968, published an article on A History of Charitable Gift Planning in his leading newsletter Taxwise Giving in November 2017. See the article at under the “Appreciations” tab. To subscribe to Taxwise Giving call 800-243-9122.

A History of Charitable Gift Planning is available in print and Kindle editions through Amazon. Search on the title to order.

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