Posted by on December 22, 2017

Schedule a uniquely rewarding session of highlights from the history of American law, finance, and philanthropy. Learn about today’s profession of charitable gift planning, in which math and science inform the marketing, valuation, and administration of split-interest gifts.

Presentations can be tailored for your council. Topics typically include:

* How a gift annuity contract with Yale in 1831 preserved John Trumbull’s best paintings of the American Revolution, and produced legal templates used by nonprofits for more than 100 years

* Why a legal defense of charitable trusts and annuities for the American Bible Society in 1848 opened the door for all nonprofit organizations

* Why the Roaring Twenties saw an explosion of gift planning programs among leading banks and insurance companies, as well as among nonprofit organizations

* How risky behavior imperiled nonprofits, and how a national crisis was avoided by introducing a risk management system in 1927

* How America embraced the science of split-interest gifts from 1927 to the present day

Members of the Planned Giving Group of New England thoroughly enjoyed this presentation last September. Ron will present at gift planning councils in Pittsburgh, New York, New Jersey, Hartford, Providence, and Harrisburg in 2018. No costs other than travel expenses are involved.

To discuss dates for your council, please write to Ron Brown at